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You care about music. We care about music people.

MusiCares is here to help.

Our programs, services, and wellness initiatives have supported

music people in the following ways:

MusiCares has touched the lives of so many music people I know and the industry is profoundly affected by the services MusiCares provides. Every day – all year long – MusiCares saves lives.
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Financial Assistance

Short term financial assistance for personal needs that have arisen due to an unforeseen emergency


How can I help?

Through the generosity of donors and volunteer professionals, our dedicated team works across the country to support the music community. By attending or volunteering at events, bidding on auctions and donating, you too can help safeguard the health and well-being of all music people.

musician_performerApproximately 78 cents of a donated dollar goes toward financial assistance, addiction recovery services and preventative programs

Make a difference by donating

Short-term financial assistance for personal needs that arise due to unforeseen emergencies.


Participate in a Healthy Essentials Program

There are over 300 preventive clinics, educational workshops, and panel presentations hosted across the country annually.

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General questions? Email or call 800.687.4227. To learn more about MusiCares assistance, click the button below.

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